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designed for the most petite dancers (ages 2-6), the experience will add a little sparkle + merriment to your existing class curriculum! will help create a lively setting with imaginative activities that your tiniest dancers will love!

we offer four different levels of based on age groups. since is not a curriculum, there are no hard-and-fast rules on age, but we designed them with the following age ranges in mind:

  • pink – ages 2-3
  • lilac – ages 3-4
  • yellow – ages 4-5
  • aqua – ages 5-6

become a studio!

as a studio, you will have access to an exclusive dance class supplement, which includes:

  • a fun + colorful activity book ~ workbooks demonstrate age-appropriate dance steps and proper terminology in a creative way. each dancer will receive their very own book! these can be easily stored at the studio and brought out once per month, once per week or at any frequency that works for your studio. your tiniest dancers will love each and every lesson as they dance, learn, color & draw their way through super fun activities!
  • a fancy ribbon ~ this adorable rosette will hang on the dancers dance bag and collect rhinestones at the completion of each dance class. stamps and stickers fade away, but at the end of the season, this ribbon will be a sparkly reminder of how much fun they had in your dance class!
  • a graduation celebration certificate ~ at the completion of each season, dancers will be awarded a graduation celebration certificate. Make it a fun féte and invite the parents in for this special little ceremony!
  • a teacher’s guide ~ at confetti on the dance floor, we’ve got your back! this helpful how-to guide includes all the activities that go along with each activity in the guide.

adding to your existing pre-school and kindergarten classes is fun + simple! also comes complete with

  • a logo and description to add to your existing registration materials
  • suggestions on pricing for your studio (you can even make a profit!)
  • ideas for launching in your studio, even if you've already held registration